Trends Shaping the Hotel Industry


Hotel Industry is evolving at a remarkable pace.  The use of online tools has been a major factor in the ever growing hotel industry. Use of search engine, social media and apps has now become an integral part of the hotel industry. The use of Digital Marketing is now transcending age and demographics across the globe.

According to a recent research, more than 35% of all travel was booked on mobile devices in the last one year. This number has gone dramatically up in the past 4 years, the number was almost zero than. And if it continues to grow in the same manner, it would not be surprising to see almost 80% of all Hotels booking to be done through the use of mobile devices.

Hotels are now adapting to the ever changing hotel industry. Apart from the Digital tools, Hotels across the globe are now exploring different tools to help the hoteliers.  They are providing exemplary services to make sure that they have returning clients.  Hotels now are focusing on providing a homely atmosphere to their clients. Most of the guests want hotels that can remind them of home. A guest has a lot of expectations when it comes to getting amenities and technology support services. And to meet the expectations of the customer, the Hotels are now working hard to match the increasingly fragmented needs of their guest. A lot of hotels are now offering different room types under the same roof.

Hotels are one such place where you have people from across the world. People from different countries with different cultures and personalities are the ones who are looking for hotels. It’s all about understanding the different cultures and providing the best of the services. For example, a lot of hotels in the past decade were under the assumption that bigger rooms mean better service. This trend has changed dramatically and now the very same hotels are now focusing on providing a home like touch with expandable beds and traditional breakfast offerings.

It’s not just the Big 5 Star Hotels or the Popular Hotels which can add value to its brand. The smaller 3 Star Hotels are working hard to enhance their brand image.  It’s not the end here. The door is still open for the smaller lodges and economy hotels.  There is still an opportunity for the smaller hotels of 30-50 rooms to make a brand of themselves in this ever evolving hotel industry.


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