The Restaurant industry in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia continues to evolve its hospitality industry. Many of the largest hotel brands in the world have been operational in the Kingdom for quite a while now. It is an ever increasing and growing market for the food industry.

The number of Pakistani and Indian restaurants in the Kingdom is constantly on the rise. This is not surprising given the fact that the population of expats outnumbers the local population in this part of the world.  Cities like the capital city of Riyadh and Jeddah are major business hubs which attract diverse cultures and people from all across the globe, especially from the Indian subcontinent.  Hence, it is no coincidence that some of the Best hotels in Riyadh or Jeddah for that matter serve Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Pakistani and Indian restaurants are by no means restricted to these two cities though; you can find such eateries spread all across the country, even in lesser populated and comparatively smaller cities and towns.

Restaurants in Saudi Arabia feature cuisines from many different countries. There is fantastic and often inexpensive food to be found everywhere, from Indian, Chinese and Pakistani to Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, including delights such as humus, flatbreads and kebabs .All are served in abundance in the Kingdom. You will find delicious ethnic cuisines, with well- spiced, herb-induced foods, awaiting you at most of the restaurants.

The country is as passionate about food as it is about football .Hence; there is never a shortage of good restaurants serving delicious food. It is not alarming to find a bunch of different themed restaurants clustered together at almost every major street across all cities and towns of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia can be called a rainbow nation atleast for the sake of the multi cultural cuisines it has to offer. So many people with so many different nationalities scattered all over the region is one of the primary reasons for the boom of this sector of the hospitality industry in this country. The demand for respective native cuisines is such that it becomes imperative for let’s say a locality largely comprising of people of Indian origin to have restaurants serving Indian food and such is the case with most other nationals as well. It is worth noting that an eatery serving ethnic Indian food does not cater to Indian customers exclusively. As is the case with most other popular cuisines, Indian restaurants too cater to customers of different nationalities. Hence, it is normal to find a Saudi national enjoying a plate of Biryani at an Indian restaurant or a Chinese biting into Italian food. The human tendency to experiment and to break away for the norm can be credited for the immense success of these restaurants and hotels. People prefer to try new cuisines as most are bored with eating the same stuff day in and day out .One day you might want a biryani and the next you may have a craving for a Shawarma or a plate of Mandi.

The hotel industry is one of the most rapidly growing and fruitful businesses in Saudi Arabia. No matter how long and where you stay in the Kingdom, you will never be short of restaurants serving delicious food. More often than not there will be one right around the corner.

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