Tips for buying a Car in Saudi Arabia


Buying a Car in Saudi Arabia is quite an amazing experience unlike any other country. Saudi Arabia is one country where most of the people are obsessed with their cars. Saudi Arabia has so much to offer when it comes to Automobile industry. Almost all Car Manufacturers from across the globe have their presence in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Before we get to know the logistics of buying a car, let’s just get familiarized with a few terms. Istimarah is one such term. It is actually the vehicle’s registration which comes in the form of a laminated card. It displays the name of the owner and also the Vehicle number of it. The registration needs to be renewed every three years. The other most popular term is the “FAHS”. This is the round sticker which you find on cars in Saudi Arabia. A valid sticker on the car proves that it has passed the vehicle inspection and is safe to drive.

Saudi Arabia is a country which has severe weather conditions. It is very important to go for a car that is more reliable. Air Conditioner is a necessity and not a luxury in this part of the World. Tires play an important factor because of extreme heat conditions. They tend to wear out a little earlier which reduces its lifespan.  Choice is never a problem when it comes to buying a new car in Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of New Car Dealers which offer cars with warranty. A lot of these Car Showrooms have very polite and courteous staff members who help you out in understanding the features of different variants. A lot of finance options can be found at a car dealership. One will find representatives from Car Finance Companies already present at these New Car Dealers.

Buying a second hand car is easier. You get a lot of options if you prefer to buy a used vehicle. Apart from Certified Dealers, you will also find exhibitions & Markets for Second Hand vehicles in every city of the Country. There are a lot of websites that has Automobiles classifieds.

Buying a second hand car is always a risk in any country. Saudi Arabia is no different. It is always advisable to get the vehicle inspected by a trustworthy mechanic before you make the final deal. It is always preferable to have a thorough physical inspection done. Extreme Heat Condition can adversely affect the Gaskets, Hoses & Belts of any car and so it’s better to get all these things checked by a mechanic. It’s advisable to hire a licensed agent to help you in getting the transfers done. Please note that Car Insurance is a must in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s a smart idea to do a proper research on different Car Insurance Companies & their products before you plan to buy a car.

Buying a Car, whether a new Car or a Used Car, requires you to do a bit of research on the Laws & regulations prevailing in the country. A lot of Car Exhibitions are organized every few months in Saudi Arabia due to its ever growing industry. Participation in these exhibitions helps you to keep up with the latest in the Car Industry.

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