Tips to choose accessories for your car

2012 Nissan GT-R by Vilner Studio - interior design

Cars are no more a media of transportation. To people cars are a matter of passion, media of reflecting class and character. Generally all the cars come to the outlet for sell with basic interior and exterior arrangements. In addition to that the owners like to add or alternate the decorative items to make it a style statement. Since most of the decorative items are costly and there are many a sources of such items, a buyer should consider some points before purchasing car accessories.

As there are hundreds of items for car body decoration, the buyer must segregate the need in two parts according to the budget. The parts are primary need and secondary needs according to the utility of the accessories.

The primary needs are basically

  • Seat cover: – This is part where the driver and passenger spend most of the time. It should be comfortable, thermally insulated and looks can be altered by adding special cushion and stickers etc. The material of the cover is so important because it should be easily washable and durable too.
  • Steering wheel cover: – As it’s the most vital control part, the cover should generate a feel good factor in driver’s mind. The cover should be chosen in such a way that the grip is good and other control switches on the steering wheel body is accessible easily. The design can be matched with seat covers for a rich look of car interior
  • Front and back bumper: – These additional parts are so necessary for congested places to protect the main car body from dents and scratches.
  • Rear camera and monitor: – Most of the low budget cars come without rear camera. But is very    helpful in case of maintaining safety in heavy traffic and in small parking place
  • Car organizer: – This makes a prominent difference how organizer is used. It can be used as one storing place or to accommodate different things separately in back or front of the car.
  • Air fresheners: – Car air freshening arrangement comes in many verities. As the car body structure itself generates a stale smell, is very essential to maintain a healthy and refreshing environment inside. The freshener can be fitted in a hidden way also.
  • Floor mat and covering: – As lot of dust and mud come inside the car through users, a good quality mat is necessary to protect the car base. The mats should absorb heat, dust and water. It should be easily removable and washable. Various kinds of materials are used for floor mat, but rubber and velvet cloth is found to be more useful for this purpose. Someone can paste also water proof and fire proof stickers to generate a striking appearance.

Secondary needs such as

  • Music system: – Driving in a long journey with listening music is really a matter of charm. Almost all cars come with inbuilt music system, but the sound quality can be enhanced by adding special speakers or boosters or digital equipments.
  • Sun guard: – Almost all cars are manufactured with white looking glasses. But in hot countries black colour or reflective look through stickers can be pasted on glasses to prevent sunlight and heat
  • GPS system:- low budget cars do not provide this system. It can be added separately to the car to facilitate deriving in unknown places to go through the proper route.
  • Body stickers:- Specially designed stickers can be added on the outer part of car to give it stunning look that can reflect the personality of the owner

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