A City guide to Dammam, Saudi Arabia

dammam city guide

Dammam is the regional capital of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. It is home to an immense ocean, wonderful shorelines and incredible fishing spots. It is a favorite location for tourists from different parts of the Kingdom. Dammam is regarded as one of the most ancient inhabited places due to the discovery of plenty of ancient artifacts and relics in Rakah neighborhood, denoting that Dammam was inhabited long time back and was a famous place for dwelling.

Dammam has King Abdul-Aziz Sea Port situated on the bank of the Persian Gulf and it is known as the second biggest port of Saudi Arabia because of its vastness. It was constructed in the late 1940s. It is fully equipped with extra-large equipment that allows it to get various types of vessels. The most important equipment’s are 56 multipurpose hoist, 8 container cranes, and 524 tanker containers. There are a number of berths for ships & fishing, as well as ship repair yard.

Dammam residents are a combination of several different ethnicities and nationalities. This blend of races has had a noteworthy effect on Dammam’s customary food.

The Kabsa is popular among the people of Dammam, often made with chicken in lieu of lamb meat. The locals also prefer to have Yemeni Mandi as lunch meal. Hejazi cuisine is popular as well & dishes like Migalgal, Madhbi (chicken grilled on stone) Madfun (literally meaning buried), Mabshoor, Mitabbak, Kabab Meiroo, Hareisa, Foul, Shorabah Hareira (Hareira soup), Saleeig (Hejazi dish made of milk rice), Areika, HummusRuz Bukhari, Biryani, Saiyadyia, Magloobah, Kibdah, Ruz Kabli,  Manzalah (usually eaten at Eid ul-Fitr), Ma’asoob, Magliya (Hejazi version of Falafel), can be acquired in plenty of traditional restaurants around the city. Grilled meat has a lovely market in Dammam such as Shawarma, Kofta and Kebab. During Ramadan season, Sambousak and Ful are the most popular meals. These meals are usually served in Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish restaurants.

You will be fascinated by Dammam’s sea weather and pearl bright beaches where you can enjoy sightseeing while taking a walk on the Corniche and practicing plenty of other beach sports. Tourism Authority has rendered appealing nature and exquisite views to Dammam Corniche. It includes green spaces, sandy areas, kid’s playgrounds, kiosks and service facilities. National celebrations and Eid ceremonies are held on it every year. The tourist and the locals usually visit King Fahd Park to spend luxury time in cafes, swimming pools, fountains & green spaces which are filled with life.

Tarout Castle & the Elderly Town is an archeological landmark located in the midst of Tarout Island dating back to 3000 BC. It was built in a traditional architectural style and it features the ruins of former settlements and civilizations.

Share Al-Hob Traditional Market displays plenty of traditional goods, clothing for men, females, and oriental eastern perfumes in addition to gold and jewelry stores that sell very distinct as well as authentic products.

The city has ultra-luxurious shopping centers that offer you the most pretty, matchless, inventive global brand names in exquisitely designed commercial complexes, equipped with modern services & amenities to meet all of your needs and that fundamentally facilitate a wonderful shopping experience.

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