Is Coffee Shop an Ideal Place to hangout?

coffee shops

Coffee is a world famous drink which is gaining tremendous growth in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Locals as well as the expats are getting inclined to the Westernized coffee culture and this trend is resulting in opening up of many Coffee Shops such as independent coffee shops, chained outlets and major coffee brands and thereby increasing their presence in Saudi Arabia.

As per the latest survey conducted by Food Industry experts, Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing markets for coffee in the Middle East region. Market Analyst predicts that the gross coffee sales in Saudi Arabia will grow by more than 50% in the next five years. Therefore, various International Coffee chains are expected to invest massively in the coffee industry in the oil rich nation.

Coffee beans are considered to be very healthy and if consumed in right quantity is a real stress buster as it is loaded with anti oxidants and beneficial nutrients. It is scientifically proven fact that people who have regular coffee have much lower risk of several diseases. According to one of the medical expert reports of USA, Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer and liver related diseases.

Coffee shops in Saudi Arabia have become an ideal hangout for everyone to sit around and get themselves refreshed. A lot of people prefer going to a coffee shop as it provides an ideal ambience for them to sit, relax and have a conversation. It’s not just a stress buster as many corporate employees prefer to have business meetings over a cup of coffee these days.

Every city or town in Saudi Arabia has a list of coffee shops to choose from. Some coffee shops offer various bakery items served with their coffees. You will find different kinds of people from all walks of life visiting these coffee shops to have a relaxing time. You will also find elderly people talking on various topics including Businesses, Growth & Family affairs. Youths gather at coffee shops to spend time with their friends. Coffee shops offer various cookies, donuts & bakery items for the kids to enjoy.

Most of the coffee shops also have separate enclosed family sections to serve the families of that region. You find a lot of families coming in to enjoy the coffee and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Coffee shops in Saudi Arabia are strategically located in and around work places, educational institutions, and residential colonies to target different kinds of people. Many coffee shops also target commercial areas including Shopping Malls to serve their specialties to its audience. There are varieties of coffee that is prepared and served by different coffee shops. Most of the common and famous coffees that are served are Cold Coffees, Frappes, Americano, Cappuccino and Espresso. Irish coffee is fast gaining immense popularity in and across the region of Saudi Arabia. These coffees are usually served with biscuits, muffins, cakes & traditional desserts as well.

Several coffee shops are available in every part of the Kingdom. With the help of Smart Phones, It’s no big deal to find coffee shops in and around your area. is one such local search engine with all the business directory listings that also include your favorite coffee shops. People with smart phones usually use the Daleeli Mobile application to make their relevant searches.



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