Daleeli – Available on App store and Android market

Daleeli – Mobile Apps and Mobile Site Available Now

Smart phones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the most preferred way of accessing the internet. A mobile phone is not just being used to play video games and chat. It is popularly being used to search for business listings and directory services in the Middle East region.

Daleeli Mobile App

Daleeli has exclusively launched iPhone App, Android app and Mobile website for the ever growing mobile phone users. The main objective is to provide easy service and accessibility to a wide range of users in Saudi Arabia.

Latest Daleeli app is now available on App Store. The app is iOS 7 compatible, and it is designed in such a way to help the users search for anything on the go. Search box is provided wherein the user can enter the keyword related to his inquiry, the app is smart enough to detect the location and present the results near you using Geo tagging algorithm.

According to a latest survey,

  • The number of users interested in Mobile app has grown up to 72%. Previously, it was only 26%.
  • 62% Mobile users prefer to use Mobile App to search for business listings.
  • 62% online shoppers used mobile device to do online shopping whereas 38% used desktops and laptops to do the same.

The mobile app is basically a directory and a map with over hundreds of thousands of business listings and locations in Saudi Arabia. The users can literally carry this huge information in their pockets.

Tapping on one of the home category icons will effectively help the users discover and explore local stores and venues near them. This is good news for businesses that want to acquire more customers from their neighborhood, or passing by customers that happen to be in this location at that specific time and need to buy a product or a quick access to a service.

New updates are released to the app every month. Each update has received accolades from the users and they have also voted in high numbers. The Arabic and English apps are merged into a single universal app. Users can change the language preference making it much better for the user experience.

Daleeli Mobile App

Daleeli Android app can be downloaded on Google Play store by Android users. This app is compatible with 3,924 Android devices worldwide. The app is developed for high end Android gadgets such as Samsung S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. At the same time, it works well with low end Android handsets like Galaxy Duos and Ace. It also works perfectly fine with 7 and 10 inch tablets.

Google maps integration is developed nicely, that makes it very convenient for the users to use voice navigation through Google Maps. The Android app is already a hit with the users and they have provided positive feedback. Almost thousands of users rated the app and over 86% of them rated 4 to 5 stars for it.

The Daleeli Android app has received very positive feedback from the users, over 680 users rated the app and over 82% of them rated 4 or 5 starts for it.

The new apps has already generated many downloads and it continues to grow rapidly. Daleeli has announced its intent to launch a new context-based relevant in stream mobile ads as an innovative way of mobile advertising that has a positive value on the user experience based on their interests rather than traditional mobile banner advertising.


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