Arabic coffee soars in popularity

With the proliferation of shops selling foreign coffee in the Kingdom, it was thought this would lead to the demise of Arabic coffee, specifically the Saudi-style brew, but it now appears the opposite is true.

Young Saudi men and women are increasingly drinking traditional Arabic coffee, especially now that many coffee shops in Saudi Arabia are offering it. Several shops are now concocting their own versions of this drink with European and American desserts to attract customers.
Ahmed Ali, an Egyptian working at a coffee and confectionary shop, said: “We began offering Arabic coffee the traditional Saudi way because of the constant demand from young men and women. We offer it with dates associated with drinking Arabic coffee.”
Ibtisam Al-Omran said she was happy the Saudi-style coffee was now available because it would help introduce Saudi culture to foreigners living in the country. It would likely be more popular in winter if offered with well-known desserts, she said.
She said that Saudi housewives are preparing distinct flavors, which are tastier than those offered in coffee shops. Everyone seems to have a secret recipe, she said.
Alaa Abdul Aziz, a young woman who has become a regular drinker of Arabic coffee, said it goes well with dates. It is easy to prepare and can be offered in various flavors, including chocolate, she said.
However, she is now concerned that some coffee shops are adding potentially harmful additives to the coffee, apart from the traditional items such as cardamom and saffron.

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