Restaurant industry’s growth in Saudi Arabia

One of the fastest growing business sectors in Saudi Arabia is the food and beverage industry.  Opportunity for restaurant and hotel growth abounds in Saudi Arabia. Many top brand hotels operational in the kingdom now. The hospitality industry continues to boom in the kingdom. The food industry is the ever growing market and it is increasing day by day in Saudi Arabia.


The restaurant industry in the Middle East is growing at a pace that is exceeding its infrastructure.  With hundreds of billions being pumped in to mind-boggling developments throughout the region, there is an appetite for new restaurants that exceeds any other region in the world.

There are many Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the Kingdom because the population of expats is more than the local population in this part of the world. Major business centers like Jeddah and Riyadh attracts people from different cultures and especially from the Indian subcontinent. Due to this reason, some of the Best hotels in Jeddah or Riyadh serve Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Indian and Pakistani restaurants are spread all across the country and they are not just restricted to these two cities. You will find these restaurants even in less populated cities and towns.

Restaurants in Saudi Arabia feature cuisines from many different countries. There is fantastic and often inexpensive food to be found everywhere, from Indian, Chinese and Pakistani to Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, including delights such as humus, flatbreads and kebabs .All are served in abundance in the Kingdom. You will find delicious ethnic cuisines, with well- spiced, herb-induced foods, awaiting you at most of the restaurants.

The country is very passionate about food just the way it is about football. It has many good restaurantsserving delicious food. It is not alarming to find a bunch of different themed restaurants clustered together at almost every major street across all cities and towns of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia offers multi cultural cuisines catering to people from different parts of the world. One of the primary reasons for the boom of hospitality industry in this country  is because so many people with so many different nationalities are scattered all over the region.

The demand for respective native cuisines is such that it becomes imperative for let’s say a locality largely comprising of people of Indian origin to have restaurants serving Indian food and such is the case with most other nationals as well. It is worth noting that an eatery serving ethnic Indian food does not cater to Indian customers exclusively. As is the case with most other popular cuisines, Indian restaurants too cater to customers of different nationalities.

The hotel industry is one of the most rapidly growing and fruitful businesses in Saudi Arabia. No matter how long and where you stay in the Kingdom, you will never be short of restaurants serving delicious food. More often than not there will be one right around the corner.


Expert warns against social media abuse

Online actions such as uploading personal videos and pictures with the intention of extortion are offenses punishable under the Kingdom’s cybercrime law, says an expert.
Mohammad Al-Bishi, a specialist in legal policy and cybercrime law, said that shooting WhatsApp chatting conversation and snapshot are also offenses, if used with bad intention or purpose of extortion.

“Using others’ Tweets and spreading them with evil intention or extortion, installation of call recording software, re-tweeting abusive messages by liking them or showing thumb up support are also punishable under the law.”
Al-Bishi was speaking at forum under the title, “Cyber crime in Saudi Arabia,” on Monday.
He said that there are various types of financial crimes, including illegal entry in the systems and database processing, attacks on websites, breach of confidentiality and privacy of personal data, assault on electronic money, in addition to bank cards.
This also includes stock manipulation in real terms in the securities markets, bank embezzlement relating to money deposited in banks or companies’ capital, and funds transfer.
According to him, banks and financial institutions facing problems of embezzlement of funds are reluctant to inform the competent authorities through information networks. According to estimates, between 20 and 25 percent of such cases are not reported, he said.

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Why you must advertise your business online in Saudi Arabia?

Digital marketing, online advertisement and web presence has become one of the most important strategies for businesses to promote and communicate their services and products. Now a day’s business and company owners have realized the importance of spreading brand messages through internet medium.  It is a faster way to reach out to potential customers and it also costs less than the traditional advertisement technique

online business directory

If you have yet to start advertising your business online then you should really reconsider. In recent years online ad spending has increased so dramatically that it is expecting to overtake spending on print advertisements. If you think that spending money on online advertisements is a waste of money, then you are missing out on all the benefits that online advertising offers.

One of the biggest benefits to online ads is the ability to increase brand recognition. You can use the constant internet presence to create eye-catching campaigns that get your brand noticed and shared. The more you get consumers excited online the more they will easily be able to share that ad or product. You can use this interest in your product to create new targeted ads that will once again promote the brand and increase brand recall.

Many people are turning away from television because they are tired of commercials or because they can get their favorite shows cheaper through online sources. Using online ads means that you still have access to those consumers even as they are fast forwarded to commercials or watching less television. Users are even turning to digital magazines and news sources instead of print, so you have a way to reach those consumers as well.

One of the most unique parts about online ads is the ability to see how long a consumer spends looking or interacting with your ad. This allows you to see how effective your ad was with each type of consumer that views it. This information can be crucial to building a new targeted marketing campaign in the future.

Are you really interested in doing online advertising to promote your business?

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8 steps to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Attracting new customers to your restaurants is very important to sustain your business. Regular customers along with the new customers will give benefit to any business. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for any business to flourish without having new customers at its doorstep. It has been noticed that some old customers tend to change their dining habits and at the same time they also get relocated, to balance this effect constant flow of new customers will keep your hotel business intact.


Powerful strategies can definitely help in tacking this issue. Below mentioned eight tips are sure to attract new customers to your restaurant.
1) Offer your Restaurant’s Delicious food in Public Places
Offer delicious food from your restaurants to new customers in public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, recreational parks etc. When they have tasted delicious samples, don’t forget to hand out your business card or hotel menu. It’s a good idea to promote your product in these locations.
2) Alternately market your Restaurant
Another innovative idea is to cross market your restaurant. You can advertise or list your restaurant with different nearby holiday resorts, tour bus, hotels etc. This will help in attracting potential customers to your business and the most important thing is to mention your restaurant in the category of “nearby attraction list”.
3) Offer benefit to existing customers through Referral System
Your business may grow with the help of existing customers. They can bring new customers to you through referral system. You should provide them attractive discounts if they can refer new customers.
4) Offer Special Deals at night
Many people prefer to order hotel food after a hard working day. They find it difficult to cook by themselves, so the easy option is to order food from hotel. You can provide late evening/night special deals to attract those potential customers. You may offer various foods at special discounted prices for such clients.
5) Offer Gift Certificates to your regular customers
You may provide gift certificate at flexible prices to your regular customers. Since, your regular customers are satisfied with your food and service they will purchase it for their dear ones. Using gift certificate your potential new customers will get a chance to experience your food and service without paying anything.
6) Reach out to new customers through Sponsorship  
You can sponsor different events such as festivals, exhibition, concert etc. This will definitely attract public’s eye and is a great way to get publicity.
7) Hold interesting Contest and give away freebies
Holding contests and handing out freebies will attract new customers. You may keep different contests at your hotel; the winners will get a chance to grab an opportunity to get free meals and free gift certificates.
8) Give pleasant Customer Service
The most crucial thing is to provide the best customer service. The power of customer service is such that you can turn first time visitor to your hotel into a regular customer. If you are providing quality food along with pleasant customer service then your customers are going to visit your hotel again and again!
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Jewelry shops to remain reliant on male workers

The government is not in a position to force jewelers to replace their male employees with women as was the case with lingerie and cosmetics shops because women cannot provide enough protection, a local newspaper reported recently.
The Arabic language daily Al-Sharq quoted Karim Al-Anzi, head of the Gold and Jewelry Committee at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as saying jewelry shops in the Kingdom are not well-protected and are vulnerable to robberies.
“The security personnel assigned to jewelry shops in the Kingdom are provided by some companies … they are not armed enough,” he said.
“These people cannot even protect women working at lingerie shops from molesters, let alone against theft and robberies. So I don’t think there will be any decision to replace men with women at jewelry shops.”

jewelry shops in the Kingdom
He said jewelry dealers in most countries rely on male workers to ensure sufficient protection, adding that gold shops in Saudi Arabia each has on average at least SR10 million worth of jewelry.
“How do you expect women working at these shops to protect these valuable contents? Unfortunately, jewelry dealers in the Kingdom rely on themselves to protect their shops by hiring untrained security personnel whose weapons are only mobile phones to report any theft or attack to the police,” he said.
The Kingdom began replacing all male workers with women at its lingerie and cosmetics shops three years ago in line with a longstanding policy banning mixed-gender working.

Arabic coffee soars in popularity

With the proliferation of shops selling foreign coffee in the Kingdom, it was thought this would lead to the demise of Arabic coffee, specifically the Saudi-style brew, but it now appears the opposite is true.

Young Saudi men and women are increasingly drinking traditional Arabic coffee, especially now that many coffee shops in Saudi Arabia are offering it. Several shops are now concocting their own versions of this drink with European and American desserts to attract customers.
Ahmed Ali, an Egyptian working at a coffee and confectionary shop, said: “We began offering Arabic coffee the traditional Saudi way because of the constant demand from young men and women. We offer it with dates associated with drinking Arabic coffee.”
Ibtisam Al-Omran said she was happy the Saudi-style coffee was now available because it would help introduce Saudi culture to foreigners living in the country. It would likely be more popular in winter if offered with well-known desserts, she said.
She said that Saudi housewives are preparing distinct flavors, which are tastier than those offered in coffee shops. Everyone seems to have a secret recipe, she said.
Alaa Abdul Aziz, a young woman who has become a regular drinker of Arabic coffee, said it goes well with dates. It is easy to prepare and can be offered in various flavors, including chocolate, she said.
However, she is now concerned that some coffee shops are adding potentially harmful additives to the coffee, apart from the traditional items such as cardamom and saffron.

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Internet ban at workplace for health workers sparks debate


A recent decision of the Ministry of Health to ban its employees from using social media sites while on the job has sparked a heated debate in the media.
Some commentators welcomed the MoH decision saying health workers dealing with patients and clients have no business browsing social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Other differed.
While announcing the decision, the Ministry of Health said that employees browsing their social media outlets neglect their tasks.
Reacting to the decision, Wafaa Al-Taib, an academic and writer at Taibah University, said: “Social media outlets are indispensable these days, even at work. In some cases, they have replaced the ordinary phone call, and it has even become normal to send memos to employees via these electronic means. It is hard nowadays to ban the use of mobiles at the workplace.
“Instead of banning their use, all directors and employers must raise awareness among employees of the sanctity of work hours, and that it is unethical to waste the time of clients by talking long hours on the mobile phone or exchanging text message on handsets while there are patients and clients waiting to be served.”
Eynass Al-Mukhlifi, a writer and journalist, said: “The entrance of social media in our communities made it an active means to communicate, exchange views, criticize and reject any negative behavior.
“On the other hand, social media became the main platform to thank any employee for his or her efforts in providing the best services to clients,” said Eynass.
But some bodies and their employees, she added, insist on the negative practices of social media.
Faisal Al-Sharif, an educational supervisor, hoped that the authorities, such as the health departments, ban the use of social media by employees who are in direct contact with customers, patients and clients.
“The time they spend on the job is not theirs; it is not their lawful right to waste it; it is the time allocated for citizens to get the service they need and have come to ask for it from this employee. He or she should not waste the citizen’s time,” he asserted.