8 steps to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Attracting new customers to your restaurants is very important to sustain your business. Regular customers along with the new customers will give benefit to any business. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for any business to flourish without having new customers at its doorstep. It has been noticed that some old customers tend to change their dining habits and at the same time they also get relocated, to balance this effect constant flow of new customers will keep your hotel business intact.


Powerful strategies can definitely help in tacking this issue. Below mentioned eight tips are sure to attract new customers to your restaurant.
1) Offer your Restaurant’s Delicious food in Public Places
Offer delicious food from your restaurants to new customers in public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, recreational parks etc. When they have tasted delicious samples, don’t forget to hand out your business card or hotel menu. It’s a good idea to promote your product in these locations.
2) Alternately market your Restaurant
Another innovative idea is to cross market your restaurant. You can advertise or list your restaurant with different nearby holiday resorts, tour bus, hotels etc. This will help in attracting potential customers to your business and the most important thing is to mention your restaurant in the category of “nearby attraction list”.
3) Offer benefit to existing customers through Referral System
Your business may grow with the help of existing customers. They can bring new customers to you through referral system. You should provide them attractive discounts if they can refer new customers.
4) Offer Special Deals at night
Many people prefer to order hotel food after a hard working day. They find it difficult to cook by themselves, so the easy option is to order food from hotel. You can provide late evening/night special deals to attract those potential customers. You may offer various foods at special discounted prices for such clients.
5) Offer Gift Certificates to your regular customers
You may provide gift certificate at flexible prices to your regular customers. Since, your regular customers are satisfied with your food and service they will purchase it for their dear ones. Using gift certificate your potential new customers will get a chance to experience your food and service without paying anything.
6) Reach out to new customers through Sponsorship  
You can sponsor different events such as festivals, exhibition, concert etc. This will definitely attract public’s eye and is a great way to get publicity.
7) Hold interesting Contest and give away freebies
Holding contests and handing out freebies will attract new customers. You may keep different contests at your hotel; the winners will get a chance to grab an opportunity to get free meals and free gift certificates.
8) Give pleasant Customer Service
The most crucial thing is to provide the best customer service. The power of customer service is such that you can turn first time visitor to your hotel into a regular customer. If you are providing quality food along with pleasant customer service then your customers are going to visit your hotel again and again!
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Hotels in Saudi Arabia- Enjoy your Stay with World Class Service

saudi arabia tourism

Saudi Arabia is known for its Hospitality. No other country has refined its national hospitality industry than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a home to the world’s largest hotel brands and continues to attract newer opportunities due to its continuous growth in the Hospitality sector.

Saudi Arabia has a rich culture, heritage and natural beauty which a lot of people are unaware of. It’s a country with many beautiful Oasis and dramatic Mountain Tops. Taif, a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is famous for its scenic beauty and variety of fruits that attracts a lot of people from different parts of the Gulf region making one of the favorite holiday destinations amongst the locals.

There are then the top 3 cosmopolitan cities in the region. Riyadh, the Capital of the Kingdom; Jeddah, the Red Sea Port and Dammam, the largest city in the eastern region of the Kingdom. All these major cities are home to top of the line cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and glittering souks. Hotels in these regions are coming up at a rapid pace and are offering top of the notch quality services.

Saudi Arabia is a place of wonders.  There are different activities that you can enjoy in different regions of the country.  To experience an extra ordinary adventure trip, Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer. There are deserts in Saudi Arabia where one can have a life time experience. One can explore the red sea coast to experience the underwater activities like scuba diving, boat rides and Jet Ski tours.  A lot of Hotel & resorts on the coastal side offer you these breathtaking experiences.

There is a lot to discover in the cities as a lot of them boast of typical Arab Architecture and picturesque buildings.  One can literally feel the amazing heritage and the rich culture running through the cities. This charm has attracted more and more tourists to this part of the world. Add to this, the hospitality of Saudi Arabia and it becomes one of the must visit destinations as you are for sure going to have life time memories of the visit to Saudi Arabia.

Most of the Hotels are pleased to welcome you and make your stay an unforgettable experience. Most of the hotels take pride in offering you the best services and attend to your entire requirement during your stay with them. They make you enjoy a typical Arabian experience by offering their various activities which are a part of the stay package. The Camel Rides to scuba diving expeditions- to old town strolls to souk tours delight the customers to the fullest.

Visit Saudi Arabia and you get charmed by its people and the warm Arab Hospitality. Be it a fun vacation or a religious pilgrimage, Saudi Arabia is surely one of the best locations to have the best of memories.

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Trends Shaping the Hotel Industry


Hotel Industry is evolving at a remarkable pace.  The use of online tools has been a major factor in the ever growing hotel industry. Use of search engine, social media and apps has now become an integral part of the hotel industry. The use of Digital Marketing is now transcending age and demographics across the globe.

According to a recent research, more than 35% of all travel was booked on mobile devices in the last one year. This number has gone dramatically up in the past 4 years, the number was almost zero than. And if it continues to grow in the same manner, it would not be surprising to see almost 80% of all Hotels booking to be done through the use of mobile devices.

Hotels are now adapting to the ever changing hotel industry. Apart from the Digital tools, Hotels across the globe are now exploring different tools to help the hoteliers.  They are providing exemplary services to make sure that they have returning clients.  Hotels now are focusing on providing a homely atmosphere to their clients. Most of the guests want hotels that can remind them of home. A guest has a lot of expectations when it comes to getting amenities and technology support services. And to meet the expectations of the customer, the Hotels are now working hard to match the increasingly fragmented needs of their guest. A lot of hotels are now offering different room types under the same roof.

Hotels are one such place where you have people from across the world. People from different countries with different cultures and personalities are the ones who are looking for hotels. It’s all about understanding the different cultures and providing the best of the services. For example, a lot of hotels in the past decade were under the assumption that bigger rooms mean better service. This trend has changed dramatically and now the very same hotels are now focusing on providing a home like touch with expandable beds and traditional breakfast offerings.

It’s not just the Big 5 Star Hotels or the Popular Hotels which can add value to its brand. The smaller 3 Star Hotels are working hard to enhance their brand image.  It’s not the end here. The door is still open for the smaller lodges and economy hotels.  There is still an opportunity for the smaller hotels of 30-50 rooms to make a brand of themselves in this ever evolving hotel industry.