Recruitments linked to MoL’s Taqat website

The Ministry of Labor (MoL) disclosed here Sunday its plan to link recruitment of manpower through its website “Taqat” in place of its previous website where the hiring process is being implemented.

The national portal will provide support for job seekers, employers and training centers, and will increase opportunities for job seekers, helping them to achieve the tasks required for the job market, said a ministry source. He said the new move will be operational on March 31 this year.
According to him the employer will have three options to choose from including localization of the profession through a list of young Saudis who are on the portal, or hiring a resident living in the Kingdom looking for the job.
The third option is the recruitment of labor from abroad to meet the request of the establishment, provided that the skill is not available among citizens or residents in Saudi Arabia.
The new move will contribute to the unification of applications for business processes, and applications for employees, in addition to the vacancies available online for the firms to access before hiring manpower from outside.
The services of the new portal will focus on the functional link between job seekers and among those employed by the private sector, where career opportunities are available through various channels such as the e-recruitment site.


Do you love to travel with your family?

Travel in Saudi Arabia

Traveling in Saudi Arabia is a great option to those who are interested in heritage structure and modern development. The most important aspect to lookout during travel is finding the right hotel for your family. You can either select from heritage hotels, big chains, or independent hotels in Saudi Arabia. There are many hotels that provide luxury quotient, comfortable stay and great food. With efficient service and warmth hospitality you are sure to explore beautiful locations. If you are traveling with your family then it is recommended to do proper research before your journey. Carrying children along with you adds to the equation and it’s a total different story. Adults are more adjustable and comparatively straight forward than kids. Hence, it is very important to find the perfect family hotel especially when you are traveling on a long journey with your kids.

Saudi Arabia has dramatically witnessed development over the past decade. It has also seen rapid expansion in the tourism sector. With all the developments happening, there are now much more hotel options available for you to choose from than before.

Those who wish to slash prices on their stay expenses might think about different options available. Now, we don’t have to select from the high-end chain hotels but the option of selecting budget oriented hotels are available on the block to cater all your family needs. Other options include staying in heritage hotels in Saudi Arabia as well as the independent hotels.

Hotels in Saudi Arabia offer many benefits and you will find it easy to decide which of these hotels would make an ideal choice for your family. The critical decision is to select the hotel location. It has to match up with your activities as you would not want to spend a lot of time traveling to reach your favorite tourist destination. You can save good amount of time on a well-located hotel that has beautiful tourist attractions in its vicinity. Children will not trouble you in the journey as the destination will be a stone throws away.

Reserving a hotel room is necessary in order to avoid any difficulties. Remember that a suite will not be always available and at the same time it will be quite expensive. It is always better to reserve your hotel room whether you would like to stay in a budget hotel in Saudi Arabia, luxury hotel or heritage hotel.

Well located hotels provide a feeling of comfort and safety. With the local tourism industry booming in Saudi Arabia it is recommended to always plan your holiday in advance. Particularly, you don’t want to miss out on any remarkable moments that you are going to spend with your family.

Do you love to dine out with your family? If your answer is yes then get ready to indulge in some really healthier and tastier food. It is served hygienically in all the hotels and restaurants. The entire world famous cuisines are available that is served fresh and are sure to satisfy your family’s taste buds.

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Why do Muslims fast in the Month of Ramadan?

ramadan kareem

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan has arrived and the Muslims around the world are making preparations for it. Why do Muslims wake up in the early hours to do seher (meals before fajr) and why do they wait until sunset to break their fast. Nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world believe Ramadan is the holiest month in the year. It is a month in which the holy book of Islam, Qur’an, was revealed to the Holy Prophet (saw).

In Hijri calendar or Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar cycle, Ramadan is the ninth month that commenced in 622 AD when Holy Prophet (saw) migrated from Mecca to Medina.

All this month, Muslims do not eat or drink from fajr to Maghrib (dawn to dusk). One of the five pillars of Islam is fasting. The other pillars of Islam are the shahadah (which is the declaration of faith), salat or namaz (the five daily prayers), zakat (charity or almsgiving), and Hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Fasting gives Muslims an understanding of how poor and less privileged feel. They also constantly fight against to their lower self which is nothing but the selfish desires. The fasting is considered to increase patience, generosity towards others and closeness to Allah (SWT).

The Ramadan is also a time of gathering in communities. The Muslims invite their neighbors, relatives and friends to eat together at iftar (evening meal). They also recite special Tarawih prayers in jamaat (congregation). They give importance to reciting the Qur’an more often.

According to Islamic teachings, Healthy Muslim men and women are required to fast during the month. People who were unable to fast during Ramadan due to illness can make up the missed fasts later. But if a person is not in a condition to fast at all, specifically on health reasons, then he/she may compensate by feeding a needy person for each day they do not fast.

Scientists have discovered that short periods of fasting improves immune system and if controlled properly can have a number of health benefits, and potentially it also help overweight people.

The fasting helps in providing the human body right proportion of carbohydrates, fat and protein and it is advisable to restrain away from oily feasts just after breaking the fast. As a matter of fact it may lead to gaining weight.

During the fasting process, the body utilizes glucose and then slowly starts to burn fat, thus helping in losing weight. With prolonged fasting, for many days and months, the body will set out to use protein for energy. But fasting is not just staying away from food and drink, it is basically fighting with our ego and to understand the favors bestowed upon us by Allah Almighty.

At the end of the month, the festival of Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims worldwide is known as Eid al-Fitr. It falls on the first day of the new Islamic month of Shawwal and it is strictly forbidden to fast on this day. Because all those who fasted are rewarded by Allah (SWT) on this day, the angels call it the day of prize giving. The Muslims rejoice and greet each other with Eid Mubarak.

It is Islamic tradition to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with delicious sweet breakfast, and to give charity to needy people before going to Eid prayers. It is also important to attend the Eid prayers in congregation. Muslims celebrate the day of Eid by wearing new or clean clothes, giving gifts, and visiting relatives, friends and family.



Hotels in Saudi Arabia- Enjoy your Stay with World Class Service

saudi arabia tourism

Saudi Arabia is known for its Hospitality. No other country has refined its national hospitality industry than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a home to the world’s largest hotel brands and continues to attract newer opportunities due to its continuous growth in the Hospitality sector.

Saudi Arabia has a rich culture, heritage and natural beauty which a lot of people are unaware of. It’s a country with many beautiful Oasis and dramatic Mountain Tops. Taif, a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is famous for its scenic beauty and variety of fruits that attracts a lot of people from different parts of the Gulf region making one of the favorite holiday destinations amongst the locals.

There are then the top 3 cosmopolitan cities in the region. Riyadh, the Capital of the Kingdom; Jeddah, the Red Sea Port and Dammam, the largest city in the eastern region of the Kingdom. All these major cities are home to top of the line cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and glittering souks. Hotels in these regions are coming up at a rapid pace and are offering top of the notch quality services.

Saudi Arabia is a place of wonders.  There are different activities that you can enjoy in different regions of the country.  To experience an extra ordinary adventure trip, Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer. There are deserts in Saudi Arabia where one can have a life time experience. One can explore the red sea coast to experience the underwater activities like scuba diving, boat rides and Jet Ski tours.  A lot of Hotel & resorts on the coastal side offer you these breathtaking experiences.

There is a lot to discover in the cities as a lot of them boast of typical Arab Architecture and picturesque buildings.  One can literally feel the amazing heritage and the rich culture running through the cities. This charm has attracted more and more tourists to this part of the world. Add to this, the hospitality of Saudi Arabia and it becomes one of the must visit destinations as you are for sure going to have life time memories of the visit to Saudi Arabia.

Most of the Hotels are pleased to welcome you and make your stay an unforgettable experience. Most of the hotels take pride in offering you the best services and attend to your entire requirement during your stay with them. They make you enjoy a typical Arabian experience by offering their various activities which are a part of the stay package. The Camel Rides to scuba diving expeditions- to old town strolls to souk tours delight the customers to the fullest.

Visit Saudi Arabia and you get charmed by its people and the warm Arab Hospitality. Be it a fun vacation or a religious pilgrimage, Saudi Arabia is surely one of the best locations to have the best of memories.


Best Way to Choose a Transport Company

saudi transport

There is a huge demand for transport companies in Saudi Arabia. In modern times, the country’s means of transportation has changed significantly. In the olden days the mode of transporting goods was carried out through domestic animals like horse and camel, but now with the advent of technology it has become easier and faster to transfer goods. Shipment of large industrial products, factory equipment, heavy and light vehicles, domestic goods, etc. is taken care by the cargo department in Saudi Arabia. The transportation industry plays a crucial role in the growth and development of any well-developed nation. The industry works hard round the clock in serving the domestic as well as the commercial sector. People are totally dependent on the transport agencies to ship their valuable belonging or goods from one place to another in a fast and safe manner.

At present, the population of Saudi Arabia is close to 29 million. The country is home to locals as well as the expats. People tend to travel frequently and the most difficult part about travelling is relocating to a new destination. Whenever someone wants to relocate, it is quite adifficult task to take up the whole responsibility of packaging and transporting the items by themselves. They need professional help in packaging the expensive household items, furniture, electronic appliances and various other belongings.

It is highly recommended to choose a reputed transport company. Always prefer to select the one which is offering best price and quality service. Many resources are available now to help people make the right decision in selecting the firm such as internet, newspaper, TV advertisements, etc. The safest place to find a reliable transport company is internet wherein you can read reviews written by the customers who have used respective services.

Some companies also take care of legal documentation of cars that are being transferred. It is important to know that shipping a car is not as easy as sending any legal document using courier or postal services. There are many important elements that are considered in transporting vehicles. Take good account of everything because it is a very complicated issue.

A transport company usually gives the DOD (date of delivery) to the customers but often it has been noticed that it is termed as expected delivery schedule. There are two major factors to be considered in this regards. Firstly, there could be a mechanical problem with the delivery team. Secondly, due to the harsh desert conditions the delivery might get prolonged but note it may never get canceled.

An important point to note in a reputable transport service provider is to always have insurance and license coverage. The transport agency one chooses should be under the vigilance of Saudi Authorities and should meet all the requirements of the government’s policies. The major concern should be the safety of the products. In case any damage that happens while the goods are being transported, the customer can claim for damages from the transport company.

It is the ultimate choice of the customer to decide upon open or enclosed vehicle for the transportation of the cars. The option of selecting enclosed truck for shipping will come at a higher price but it is better to ship the cars using an enclosed truck. If a customer wants to ship a luxurious car then closed vehicle is always the best option, because it will protect the car from getting damaged. Transport agencies generally charge money before the shipment is done. It is necessary to make advance payment and the remaining balance can be paid at the time of delivery.